Sunday Secret

renewThe blue, blue, blank sky speaks to me on certain afternoons and reminds me that the vastness of it all far outweighs my piddly, constricted worries.

How far it goes. My ingrained neurosis is stifled in the face of that unending blankness.

It’s clear and forever and this is the thing that gets me thinking about how steadfast I am when I am clinging to the smallness of my own world.

I try to stand up straighter, taller, as if a string were attached to the top of my head, reaching up toward the space that’s provided beyond my own obstructed view of things.

All I know is that it is there, above me, around me, tempting me to let go of any one of the small things I cling to.

I act like I know what the deal is but, in reality, I have been trying to reach my chest up into the blue effervescence in order to give over the tangled strangly things that have kept me tethered to the ground, like so many heartaches and even more open denials that turn away from the prospect of absolute and true renewal.

Happy Easter, Happy Free Starting Over,
Frederica Fresh

Saturday SlobberLove

ohnoSometimes on Saturday, after we have a stressful, busy morning keeping an eye on the plumber making every upsetting noise known to man just outside our window, we finally listen to our mother after she tells us for the nine millionth time that there is nothing to worry about and to please shut our gob and we take a very small break from all our hysterical barking and we plop down on our observance perch on the couch where we switch to grumbled woofs and groofs and froofs just to make sure that everyone knows that, as god is our witness, there may be danger afoot.

A Human May Work From Sun to Sun But a Beagle Mix’s Work Is Never Done,
William the Wayward Security Guard

Things I Don’t Understand, Items 776 thru 778

776. Pompadours
777. Celery smoothies
778. People who want to go in front of you in line at the grocery store because they have four items and you have six

Cooper Being Lady Gaga

LadyGDuring a trip to the local Rite-Aid, the infamous pop singer drapes herself in a scarf made of rare, bright green squid in order to remind all of humanity that she is on the cutting edge of different.

Tree Worship

devilsslideDevil’s Slide Trail, Old Highway 1
Pacifica, California

It’s not that the trail along the ocean takes your breath away so much. Or that if you turn to the left to see the jutting cliffs twenty feet from where you are standing. It’s that you look down to see this gorgeous dame standing strong and tall leading the minions that surround her. And it takes your breath away.

Trees that telegraph their greatness are my favorites. What about you?

Yours In Holy Moly Posture,
The Tree Kisser