Things That Are Easier Than Trying To Explain How To Fix a Malfunctioning DVD Player To Your 84 Year Old Mother Over the Phone

1. Stealing the Hope Diamond
2. Winning the Kentucky Derby riding an elephant
3. Playing hopscotch with no feet
4. Launching a rocket into space using only your own flatulence
5. Moving The Great Pyramid from Egypt to Cincinnati

Sunday Secret

burstI have to work on joy. Cloud bursting, sky exploding, ephemeral joy. I tend to have tiny joy in my heart for minuscule things. Like the smell of coffee brewing in the morning when I am in bed. Or that feeling I get when my brain bursts open and one sentence leads to something worthy and then another and another. Or when I remember to put a notepad in front of my desk clock so it won’t keep me awake. Little things that are huge things. Awakenings. Observances. That moment when I feel the afternoon move into evening. My husband’s face when he’s telling me a story.

Let me stay in this moment—or for as long as it lasts. Let me know that each second compounds upon the other and my life moves along in that way that rivers flow sweetly. Let me remember when I forget, that the glorious small things are the things that I am drawn to, those gorgeous things are the things that keep me thriving and alive. And that’s good enough for me.

Yours In the Essence of Happy,
Esmerelda Effervescence

Saturday SlobberLove

throwySometimes on Saturday, after we’ve had our morning Greenie with a kibble and cottage cheese breakfast chaser, we like to get a jump on the action by haranguing our parents into playing an early game of Throw My Toy Nine Thousand Times Until You Tell Me To Go Away.

So I Got That Goin’ For Me,
President of Persistent

Things I Don’t Understand, Items 821 thru 823

821. Clear plastic shoes
822. Vodka
823. Ceramic frog collections

Cooper Being Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones

PeterDinkIn this pivotal scene, the younger brother makes the mistake of suggesting family therapy.