Things I Don’t Understand, Items 809 thru 811

809. Water parks
810. Vanessa Hudgens
811. Pumpkin spice lattes

Cooper Being Maggie Gyllenhaal In The Dark Knight

maggieIn this scene, the actress ponders why she was cast in the movie, even though she is partially homely and possesses no charisma.

What I Tell Myself

shineShine your way through trouble.

Horsey Says…

HorseyHi. I’m Horsey. Regardless of the fact that I have red, flared nostrils, I am a kind sort. I love my fellow man and I go out of my way to make sure that I’m doing all I can to make sure there is peace in the kingdom. For example, if you happen to be fortunate enough to be riding your bike along the bike path that parallels the ocean and you see an elderly person, confused and wilted, shuffling across the road that possesses all those pedaling at 80 miles an hour, you might find it in your heart to pull over your two pedal contraption and escort the wandering one to safety—far from the runners and roller bladders and cyclists and in because of this but not for this you will have deposited your weekly Kind Karma Deposit into your Karma Bank and both of you will walk away happy and unscathed.

Goodness Is As Goodness Does,

Sunday Secret

stormThunderstorms have always thrilled me. You wouldn’t think it because I tend to be a ninny when it comes to all things dangerous but for some reason I love the bright flash of lightning followed by the loud, booming sound of thunder.

This afternoon I sat on my porch and watched the clouds roll in as if they had a date with the coastline. Grey and brooding and gloomy, they crawled across the sky and, to announce their arrival they carried with them blinding bright flashes of electricity coupled with the type of thunder that makes you want to take cover.

Maybe it’s just me but I find thunder and lightening consoling. The way they work in tandem, overtaking the sky. My chest reverberates when I hear that deep crack of warning, reminding me that I’m not the only thing that is attempting to reside with restlessness and obstacle course of feeling.

Yours In Running Indoors,
Tammy Take Cover