Things I Like More Than the American Dentist Who Murdered Cecil the Lion

1. Having pipe cleaners plunged deep into my ears
2. World War III
3. Being forced into a “who can’t jump higher dies” contest with LeBron James
4. Extreme Nude Dating
5. Fox News

Sunday Secret

eavesdropI’m a champion eavesdropper. I’m not a spy, mind you, and I don’t hide around corners listening to whole conversations other people are having. I just happen to be lucky when it comes to overhearing the sometimes ethereal and profound and dumbfounding things strangers say when I pass by them, within earshot.

Recently, when I was leaving the grocery store, I passed a woman who was holding her two maybe three year old child and just as I whisked by them I heard her say, “Because you’re so handsome, that’s why.” What a lovely mama, I thought. Pumping up her son with confidence and grace.

Then there was the couple I brushed shoulders with on a hiking trail who seemed to be arguing about something really intense. “If you were more confident it wouldn’t matter,” he said to her as they trudged by me. I wanted to turn around and take the woman with me. I wanted to tell the man he was an ass. But that’s the thing about just getting a little snippet—you never know the whole story and you never know the outcome of the conversation.

I only know that humans intrigue me. The way they interact when others aren’t fully involved. The way they encourage each other—like two women I passed on Main Street where one woman was saying to the other “You have the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen.” I wish I could have plopped into their lives and offered up some encouragement if that what was needed.

The whole concept of hearing things in passing reminds me of my favorite Pema Chodron quote. “It’s not that we set out to change the world,” she says. “It’s just that we become curious about how other people are feeling.”

Each incomplete conversation I overhear has had a slight impact on me—some larger than others. Hearing the little tidbits and sprinkles of lives that others are living. They can be so grand and profound, in my experience and they can be heartbreaking and superficial if you take the time to listen.

Pardon My Intrusion,
Betsy Big Ears

Saturday SlobberLove

PatsyBdaySometimes on Saturday, after an unexpected and unwelcome thunderstorm throws a wrench into our peaceful morning, we like to wrap ourselves in the comfort of our favorite snuggly blanket and stare at our mom until the whole hullabaloo is over.

What Did I Do To Deserve This?
Tommy Terrified

Monday Judgements and Warnings

When I see you walking your blindingly white scrumptious fluff ball of a dog just after six p.m. in your work clothes and the two of you break out into a full on gallop when you get to the downhill part of your stroll—wind screaming through both of your hairs and the evening sun shining a light on both of your faces—you better be careful because not only do you break the cuteness joy meter but you put us other humans to shame.

Saturday SlobberLove

SatSometimes on Saturday, after my brother and I have caught and eaten a beautiful yellow butterfly, much to our mother’s uproarious dismay, we like to take a self-imposed time-out by cuddling with our favorite toys—not moving an inch as she continues to judge us as murderers. And during this no-move-is-the-best-move time we like to plead with her to forgive us our trespasses because we know not what we have done.

Yours In Everlasting Forgiveness,
Charles Chompers