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Cooper Being Maggie Gyllenhaal In The Dark Knight

maggieIn this scene, the actress ponders why she was cast in the movie, even though she is partially homely and possesses no charisma.

Cooper Being a Contestant On The Biggest Loser

beestoryWith Jillian Michaels yelling profanities in his ear, the skinny obese hound attempts to bench press his weight in Greenies, with the promise that he will receive a morsel of one.

Cooper Being Donald Trump

donald“Shut the window, there’s a breeze!” the hair-challenged gazillionnaire screams at the cameraman.

Cooper Being Margot Kidder in The Amityville Horror

amity“FOR GOD SAKE, GET OUT!!!” the actress yells to her co-star James Brolin, who seems to be eternally embroiled at the Craft Services table.

Cooper Being Jamie Lee Curtis in Friday the 13th

JamieIn this pivotal scene, the actress—home alone and vulnerable after many of her friends have been hacked to death—hears a knock at the door and decides to go see what’s up.