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Cooper Being Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey

50shadesIn this scene, the actress prepares to be hand-cuffed and smothered by Sharkey, her favorite toy.

Cooper Being Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa

BadSantaCaptured in a moment when he was not putting the moves on one of the production assistants, the randy actor searches his trailer for some bourbon.

Cooper Being Bruce Willis In Die Hard

BruceCaught in an air duct and worrying about Bonnie Bedelia, the balding superstar wonders if he should join an exclusive hair club for men.

Cooper Being Reese Witherspoon in Wild

CoopCoolerIn this scene, the petite actress prepares to strap her nine hundred pound cooler onto her back, before embarking on her nine thousand mile journey along the Pacific Coast, wearing hiking boots that are nine million sizes too small.

Cooper Being a Polska Kielbaska Sausage

sausageHere, the scrumptious frankfurter prepares to be sprinkled with fresh sage.