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Cooper Being Sarah Bernhardt

sarahIn this wildly dramatic scene, the forlorn actress pretends to have a really bad tummy ache in order to prevent her lover from leaving.

Cooper Being Anthony Hopkins In Silence of the Lambs

lambsIn this terrifying scene, the actor takes advantage of the opportune placement of his face mask and nibbles off all of his captors pinky toes without missing a beat.

Cooper Being Charles Bronson in Death Wish II

toughExhausted from street punks murdering not only his wife and daughter but his housekeeper too, the ultimate tough guy uses his steely stare to render his relentless enemies paralyzed long enough for him to hide his cat.

Cooper Being Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey

50shadesIn this scene, the actress prepares to be hand-cuffed and smothered by Sharkey, her favorite toy.

Cooper Being Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa

BadSantaCaptured in a moment when he was not putting the moves on one of the production assistants, the randy actor searches his trailer for some bourbon.