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Cooper Being Rose Standish

mayflowerOn the way to the mainland, the shivering wife of Myles Stanish, wonders why there aren’t enough blankets to cover the entire crew. “Must we be men to be kept warm?” she says.

Cooper Being Justin Bieber

justinOn his latest appearance on The Ellen Show, he assures her and his fans that he will stop showing his pee-pee in public.

Cooper Being Billy Zane in Titanic

billyIn this scene, the pompous multimillionaire contemplates the insults and off-color comments he will spew at his dinner companions.

Cooper Being Liam Neeson in The Grey

liamneesonIn this scene, the reluctant hero prepares to provide treats to all the ravenous wolves that surround him.

Cooper Being Sarah Bernhardt

sarahIn this wildly dramatic scene, the forlorn actress pretends to have a really bad tummy ache in order to prevent her lover from leaving.