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Cooper Being the Thanksgiving Caballero

TdayLargely unsung and unrecognized in modern culture, The Thanksgiving Caballero sniffs the ground for droppings and ground scores while, at the same time, keeping in mind that he may or may not be thankful for a piece of succulent turkey some unknowing guest will bestow upon him amidst the mayhem of his mother’s dinner presentation.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way,
Bill the Begging Beagle Mix

Cooper Being a Polska Kielbaska Sausage

sausageHere, the scrumptious frankfurter prepares to be sprinkled with fresh sage.

Cooper Being George Clooney In Gravity

GeorgeIn this scene, the world renowned gorgeous, attractive, handsome, dapper, masculine, dreamboat, good-looking, attractive ,sexy, easy-on-the-eyes, hunky actor comes to terms with why he isn’t featured in more frames of the movie.

Cooper Being On Naked and Afraid

nakedSaddled with a case of anal bug bites and struggling to survive in the 150 degree heat while his partner sleeps away a case of sudden onset malaria, the determined reality show contestant uses his survival skills to construct a lean-to with one branch and a piece of string.

Cooper Being Concerned Upon Seeing Beyonce’s New Bangs

beyonce“Are those bangs or is that an awning?” the worried pup queries.