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Cooper Being Adam in Michelangelo’s God Created Adam

adam“Can you create me soon, dude? My arm is getting really tired,” the first man says to The Creator.

Cooper Being Lady Gaga

LadyGDuring a trip to the local Rite-Aid, the infamous pop singer drapes herself in a scarf made of rare, bright green squid in order to remind all of humanity that she is on the cutting edge of different.

Cooper Being Mick Jagger

MickJ“When I said I can’t get no satisfaction, what I really meant to say was that I have gotten an inordinate amount of satisfaction,” the wildly successful rock star says.

Cooper Being Sarah Brightman in Phantom of the Opera

tomcruiseinterviewvampireEven though the curling ironed maiden is rendered temporarily unconscious, she still dreams about her next album, which will undoubtedly involve lots of smoke machines and plenty of face-framing wind.

Cooper Being Jodie Foster in The King & I

King&I“Certainly, I shall dance with you, so long as you can maneuver a waltz in those low-crotched pants you’re wearing.” the actress says to her wardrobe challenged co-star.