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Cooper Being Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger

Edmund“Come on, grab my hand, it’ll be fine,” he says to his co-star, moments before she plummets nine million stories to her death.

Cooper Being Barbra Streisand in Yentl

gretaMoments before shooting the infamous hey!-we’re-both-dudes-so-let’s-take-off-our-clothes-and-jump-in-the-lake! scene, the actress prepares to pretend she’s not in love with Mandy Patinkin.

Cooper Being Jabba the Hut in Star Wars

JabbaRegardless of his girth, the infamous gangster asks for more treats in between scenes.

Cooper Being Napolean Bonaparte

NapoleanIn this candid shot, the vertically challenged leader contemplates whether or not he should purchase shoe inserts.

Cooper Being Meg Tilly in Agnes of God

IMG_5993In this unbearably intense scene, the actress makes several inquiries to her savior, the least of which is what motivated her co-star Jane Fonda to marry Ted Turner.