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Cooper Being Scheherazade

scherHere, the legendary Persian queen weaves one of her captivating tales, leaving a group of mesmerized Basset Hounds, breathless.

Cooper Being Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones

PeterDinkIn this pivotal scene, the younger brother makes the mistake of suggesting family therapy.

Cooper Being Jill Clayburgh in I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can

jillclayburghDancingIn this pivotal scene, the actress takes a breather from having a nervous breakdown and simply contemplates why everyone wants her to dance so fast.

Cooper Being Yoda in Star Wars

maggie“Do not fart on set, you will a good man be,” the wise co-star says, eyeing a guilty looking Harrison Ford.

Cooper Being a Contestant On The Biggest Loser

beestoryWith Jillian Michaels yelling profanities in his ear, the skinny obese hound attempts to bench press his weight in Greenies, with the promise that he will receive a morsel of one.