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Tree Worship

willowWhat is it about a Weeping Willow? For me, it’s about the large, expanse of gorgeousness. The way they drape themselves over their space. The way they droop and envelope. This specific tree was the mainstay on the property we camped at in Bend, Oregon. She made the rain bearable and she lifted my spirits every time I glanced her way. And I could swear I heard her saying that, if you settle down a bit, if you settle your unruly spirit, life can be good—very good.

Tree Worship

leanThis lady has always been one of my favorites. She resides on her own patch of property, high above the Pacific Ocean, at Palisades Park—stretching, leaning, diving toward the water, never forgetting that her main job is to bring a smidgeon of shade for anyone who chooses to pass by.

Trees can be quite generous, don’t you think?

Yours In Admiring What’s Right There, Right In Front Of Us,

Tree Worship

stalwartOh, hello Mister and Missus Stalwart. How lovely of you to be the frame that encompasses your gorgeous surroundings, along with your wee children. If I ever doubt that something can be as lovely as you, standing your ground while making the rest of everything near you more gorgeous I will remind myself of your beauty.

Thanks In Advance For Your Loveliness,
Tina the Trunk Admirer

Tree Worship

suitorsCalaveras County, California

Hello, stalwart gentlemen. Thank you for acting as the outline of the gorgeous path I am about to meander down. May I say that you all look very handsome, in your Sunday best, standing tall, with chests out, silently pointing the way toward so much beauty.

I love trees that show me the way, don’t you?

Very Truly Yours,
Rinata Redwood

Tree Worship

devilsslideDevil’s Slide Trail, Old Highway 1
Pacifica, California

It’s not that the trail along the ocean takes your breath away so much. Or that if you turn to the left to see the jutting cliffs twenty feet from where you are standing. It’s that you look down to see this gorgeous dame standing strong and tall leading the minions that surround her. And it takes your breath away.

Trees that telegraph their greatness are my favorites. What about you?

Yours In Holy Moly Posture,
The Tree Kisser