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Saturday SlobberLove

praySometimes on Saturday, after barely enduring the previous night’s 4th of July horrors, we like to garner solace from our beloved Orangey as we try to wipe the terrifying kabooms, kerplops and kabloweys from our weary little mind.

I Surrender,
Warren the Wiped-Out Warrior

Saturday SlobberLove

helloSometimes on Saturday, when we’re attempting to have a snuggly morning by ourselves surrounded by a half dozen of our favorite toys, we are involuntarily summoned downstairs to witness our parents hooting and hollering at the television like insane people and when we dare to come down from the landing we discover that all the hullabaloo has something to do with a person named Serena Williams and a team named Brazil and, quite honestly, we feel the need to keep our distance.

Hold Yer Horses Sports Fans,
Senor Sanity

Saturday SlobberLove

gnawSometimes on Saturday, after a fairly uneventful morning and afternoon, we like to see how far we can shove froggy into our mouth, making sure that our left cheek doesn’t explode like a piƱata.

Very Truly Yours,
Charles of the Chomp

Saturday SlobberLove

conferenceSometimes on Saturday, after our beloved soul mate Sharkey has been left for dead out on the deck the whole night through in the damp, unforgiving mist of the beach sky and our mother is the one who saves him from a moldy, stinkified state, we like to have a conference with him to tell him that although we abandoned him out in the wild for the span of almost 12 hours we still love him and value him and we are just happy we are back together again.

Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry (More Than Once),
Cooper of The Contrite

Saturday SloobberLove

praySometimes on Saturday, after we’ve woken up nearly an hour before our usual 6:30 wake up time, we like to take advantage of the extra time bestowed upon us by doing a little doggie meditation in order to keep our inner spirit in shape.

Om Nama Shiva,
Buddha Beagle