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Saturday SlobberLove

wrestleSometimes on Saturday, after a perfectly glorious morning stroll in the brisk Thanksgiving air, we like to enlist our little brother in a lively and verbal game of Act Like You’re Trying To Kill the Other One and, in the midst of being pinned down by his semi-pathetic little teeth we have the thought that we are grateful to have this miniature, rowdy creature in our life.

Yours In Lovely Little Appreciations,
Lanford Lucky

Saturday SlobberLove

snoreSometimes on Saturday, after a sleepless night spent listening to our little brother snore like a tractor while our parents periodically tell the other one that they are, in fact, snoring which is met with bleary eyed dumbo debates that include exchanges like “I was? No I wasn’t. Yes you were. No, you were.” we like to have a conference with our mother about the fact that we are the only member of the family that doesn’t snore and we are becoming increasingly worried about this problem.

Don’t Mind Me,
William Wide Awake

Saturday Slobberlove

exhaustionSometimes on Saturday, after our morning walk involves our little brother lunging at an innocent mother with her child, we have to take some moments to ourself—reinvigorating our spirit and reminding ourselves that not all interactions need to be filled with heinous drama.

Can’t We All Just Get Along,
Peter Peacemaker

Saturday SlobberLove

closeSometimes on Saturday, after we’ve settled back in to our regular routine in the aftermath of our brilliant adventure on the road, we like to stay extra close to our mother just so she knows that, although our brother and I both went on poop strikes because we were unfamiliar with most of the terrain, we appreciated the smells and the snuggles and the running wild and the overall stupendousness that was provided by allowing us to explore the world with our little, happy family.

Yours In Open Space,
William the World Traveler

Saturday SlobberLove

tripSometimes on Saturday, after we go for our routine morning walk, we like to engage our little brother and stare at our mom as she packs and prepares for an upcoming epic road trip. Our brother has no idea what he’s in for, we think and then again our brother has no idea of the adventure that will unfold. We watch and we wait, as all of the necessary components to the journey come together and we say a little prayer, just slightly, that we won’t be forgotten as all of the baggage is loaded into the car.

Yours In Complete Preparedness,
Rick Ready