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Saturday SlobberLove

dozeSometimes on Saturday, after a wild morning trot in the rain followed by a frenzied gallop around the living room while our towel-wielding mother tries to catch us, we like take the train to Cozyville and fold ourselves into our favorite blanket as if we were the contents of a burrito.

Saturday SlobberLove

wisemenSometimes on Saturday, after our parents participate in an early morning to mid-afternoon do nothing time due to the hectic schedule they kept over Christmas, we like to perk up their spirits by putting on a small scale production we like to call The Birth Of Jesus, with us in a starring role as whats-his-face, one of the Three Wise Men, knowing that when they see our dramatic acting abilities they will be motivated to get off their lazy, boring asses.

Yours In Myrrh,
Dave Do Something

Saturday SlobberLove

crazySometimes on Saturday, after a perfect morning filled with an exhilarating morning walk followed up with a kick-ass breakfast made up of our favorite kibble and roast turkey, we like to get our cra-za-zy on and hurl ourselves into the cozy blankets that bring us so much joy, all the while saying to our Mom and Dad, Thank You Thank You Thank You for making us so deliriously happy.

Yours In Slobberey Gratitude,
Cooper of the Quite Content

Saturday SlobberLove

lookoutSometimes on Saturday, after an unfortunate early morning run-in with the pony sized Shar Pei that reminds us of Dracula, we like to spend the afternoon glued to our lookout post upstairs—watching and waiting for his re-emergence so that we can alert our parents, and the entire city for that matter, that we are under siege.

Stand Back Ma’am I’ll Take Care Of This,
Detective Pete Paranoid
Maniacal Staring Division
Barking Precinct #67

Saturday Slobberlove

BDAYSometimes on Saturday, after a leisurely, cuddly morning spent whispering sweet Happy Birthdays into our mother’s ear, we like to think upon the wonder of her. The way she surprises us with our beloved Greenies after our 6:30 AM morning poopie walks. The way she says “Hey Sweet Pea!” every time we turn a corner and see her standing there. The way she rubs our tummy and massages our back and fiddles with our ears in a way that makes us turn to puddy. The way she breaks up little pieces of roasted turkey into our evening meal, knowing that if we had one thing to survive on, it would be roasted turkey. The way she pets us and whispers loveliness into our ears. The way she takes us on endless walks, all the while telling us we are her good boy and that she likes the way we prance along. There are all these ways that she shows us that she loves us but what she doesn’t know is that we wake up in the morning eager to see her face and we fall asleep in the night time remembering the way she gently told us how special we are as she tucks us in for sweet dreams.

Life Can Be So Good,
Greg of the Most Grateful