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Saturday SlobberLove

squirrelsSometimes on Saturday, after we’re ambushed on our morning stroll by a gang of warmongering squirrels, we like to have a strategy conference with our mother in order to prevent being made a fool of again.

Lou the Lunging Lunatic

Saturday SlobberLove

JHCFor J.H.C. on April 4

Muttering At Your Grave

In those moments
that make and umake days
when I can’t live
I do it for you—My dead one

Unafraid is how I picture you now
Next to the stillness
and the wrongness
that we so often discussed

With you holding up
your end of the conversation

I choose to know
that you did this
because of your love for me

When you listened to my stories
it might be that
that was the thing
that kept me from dissolving

You knew it so clearly
like how the night blanket
wraps around me—
a cloud
or a compass

In your telling
of the way you saw the world
I saw myself in the planets
and how very important I was
as long as you were here
describing me

Saturday SlobberLove

communeSometimes on Saturday, after we’ve walked in the morning fog, done our bowel movement business like a champ and peed on every tree, weed and bush that exists within a two mile radius of our house, we like to commune with our beloved Froggy while our mother and father tool around the house, doing those random weekend tasks that somehow make us feel so much at home.

Yours In Cozy,
Mister Master Comfortable

Saturday SlobberLove

liteSometimes on Saturday, after a break-of-dawn skirmish with a dragonfly that screeches out of nowhere and tries to fly up our nostrils, we like to take it easy for the rest of the afternoon inside where we try to believe our mother as she assures us that nothing that awful will ever happen to us again.

Precariously Yours,
Ronald Reluctant

Saturday SlobberLove

getitSometimes on Saturday, after an exhausting morning spent roasting in the sun, we like to spend the afternoon indoors, taunting anyone who will look at us with an invitation to a game of I’ll Never Let Go Of Sharkey.

Yours In Total Victory,
Charles Chompers