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Searchy Searcherson

Take out your notepads because the queries are pouring in regarding imperative topics on the internet…

poop is green
car overheats
iphone gets wet
stool is green

I Endeavor To Understand the Un-Understandable,
Detective Cupcake

Searchy Searcherson

Sometimes when I’m feeling blue and sad about the fact that I heard one of the little Girl Scouts standing outside Albertsons say that she thought all of the Girl Scout cookies tasted like “crap mud” I seek the wisdom of the Super Hero Searchy Searcherson and I sit down in front of the computer and I type in usually about three words or so and then I see what the first five search results are as in the little search bar as if I am Woodward and the computer is Bernstein and we are investigating H.R. Haldeman’s haircut—-just for a gosh darn laugh, you know? Because we all need a laugh. Especially when there are Girl Scouts out there hocking products they don’t believe in.

Here are today’s Searchy Searcherson Results:

look with bangs
look with braces
look skinny
look bald
look with red hair

Is This Not Fun?
Murphy P.I.