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Sunday Secret

renewThe blue, blue, blank sky speaks to me on certain afternoons and reminds me that the vastness of it all far outweighs my piddly, constricted worries.

How far it goes. My ingrained neurosis is stifled in the face of that unending blankness.

It’s clear and forever and this is the thing that gets me thinking about how steadfast I am when I am clinging to the smallness of my own world.

I try to stand up straighter, taller, as if a string were attached to the top of my head, reaching up toward the space that’s provided beyond my own obstructed view of things.

All I know is that it is there, above me, around me, tempting me to let go of any one of the small things I cling to.

I act like I know what the deal is but, in reality, I have been trying to reach my chest up into the blue effervescence in order to give over the tangled strangly things that have kept me tethered to the ground, like so many heartaches and even more open denials that turn away from the prospect of absolute and true renewal.

Happy Easter, Happy Free Starting Over,
Frederica Fresh

Sunday Secret

fearlessI’ve always liked to think that there are innumerable categories for being fearless. The fearlessness of being by the side of a loved one who is dying. The fearlessness of holding your tongue when you know what you will say will cause falling domino damage. The fearlessness of making small talk when everything in your chest and belly wants to shut down and run. The fearlessness of saying no when you think you most certainly must say yes. The fearlessness of following that one brilliant thought to its fruition, knowing that once you arrive at its destination, things will be different.

I follow my fearlessness with a wavering certainty that keeps me lifting the weights of my own delusions. This, I tell myself, is the bravest thing of all. To do those things that I think are impossible to do. Be open, let go, not assume, release taking things personally—all of these things are the most seemingly simple yet, if I were to admit it, are the most daunting in my every day life.

I’ve worked hard and long to wrangle my fears and bury them until they are sleeping but I’ve come to the conclusion that, in the process of my convoluted battle, I am becoming immeasurably brave.

Yours In Slaying Demons,
Captainette Courageous

Sunday Secret

TangerineFunny, the things that remind you of youth. This tangerine tree, with its dainty little droppings of orange jewels was in the backyard of the hotel that Mister Cupcake and I stayed while I was working on a writing assignment and every time I cast my eyes on it I was overcome with my first and only venture into entrepreneurship. I was ten years-old—way before my soul began to loathe the concept of corporate greed and during the time that I realized one could capitalize on what might go to waste by taking that thing and offering it to others at a fair price.

You see, in the backyard where I grew up we had a grapefruit tree with a growth problem. My mother, armed with a hefty trash bag, would gather up the trillions of grapefruits that had fallen to the ground, dump them into a trash bag and unload them in a dumpster in the back of the ThriftiMart several blocks from our house. If our entire family were grapefruit addicts we couldn’t have kept up with the bounty this grapefruit tree provided so, in the end, there was enormous waste.

That’s when I had my epiphany. Load the grapefruits into my red wagon, go door-to-door to each of my neighbors and sell the grapefruits for a quarter a piece. On my first day I made close to ten dollars which, by my ten year-old estimation was approximately half a million dollars.

I got good reviews and delivered excellent customer service. I had regular customers who put in orders for, say, five grapefruits every Sunday morning to last them through the week. It was quite a snappy business I had going and I enjoyed the interaction with my loyal buyers.

This weekend, as I stared at the adorable little tangerine tree that we were lucky enough to have just outside our temporary home I gave that ambitious little ten year-old tomboy a high five when I thought about all that she’d accomplished with a wagon and a change purse and I admired the gorgeousness of the idea that one can never be too young to have a good idea that gives you pride and drive and purpose.

Waste Not Want Not,
Buellah the Business Man I Mean Woman

Sunday Secret

barenessAnxiety is the cloak I wrap myself in and worry is the path I trudge along. It’s been that way ever since I can remember. Bare and plain and complicated. Washes over me without warning and leaves me prone, wondering what it is I did that got me here. Like a push and pull, I struggle with the abject bleakness of how I so easily fall into the prickly parts—the harsh and parched parts of myself that manifest as what would otherwise seem as malnourished. But in lighter moments I recognize the beauty of hibernation. The wisdom of raw, clear beingness from time to time and in those moments I’m free for a while. In those moments I’m full up with the anticipation of when I will be flourishing and vibrant again.

Yours In All That Continues the Wondering,
Clarissa Confusion

Sunday Secret

cityscapeThe message the moon gives me is never half-assed. It’s generally whole-hearted and clear as a bell, clanging the ingredients that live inside my chest out into the universe like a Town Crier—boomeranging far beyond the places that I can see and hear and then ricocheting back around the eternal space I’ve proclaimed for myself in order to be shiny and new, over and over again. I radiate brighter because of the moon. I shine and fill up and plan for my next showing. But mostly I reflect and wallow and wane, knowing that one look up toward the sky will catapult me into a new feeling phase where I will become more lucid.

Moontastically Yours,
Loretta Luna