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Sunday Prayer

peekDear Manager of All Things Holy,

Hey listen, I know you’re as busy as the little people who keep J Lo’s boobs in place but if you can carve out a few minutes in your schedule I would deeply appreciate your guidance as I weave my way through the forest of my immaculate indecision as I approach 2016. For instance, I could use a strong body lift that enables me to see the expanse of my environment—beyond, below, above and across—so that I might see the potential magic that is in store for me. And, if you’re inclined to provide me with some sweet guidance, I would love to know and believe that I am on my true and righteous path. These are all sincere requests and they are all a result of my beloved longing to grow and be and discover who I really am, so if you have two seconds in between managing world chaos and tending to the upheaval about soy, I would be eternally grateful and just plain gleeful if you would lend your omnipotence to my worthy and buoyant cause, gracias, amen you may be seated.

Sunday Secret

bdayWhen my birthday rolls around, I tend to think of it as a time to review the landscape of my life. Like my own personal New Year, I review and study and dream about what, exactly, is included in the environs of my everyday existence. I tend to prefer a quiet day when I think about the day I arrived here, years ago. I tend to think on what is good and true and real—how I have created this life for myself and my companions. How I have cultivated my resilient nature and taken so many things in stride. How I love heartily those who are most important to me. And then I wonder where my bumpy and gorgeous path will lead me. I wonder if I’ll ever arrive at the destination that I am headed. Then I remind myself that the only destination is the moving forward, the fighting for what I know to be grand—the adventures, the days when I feel peaceful and content, the parts of me that never want to stop reaching for what I know to be beauty, what I know to be good. The part of me that thinks about who I am and appreciates the place that I’ve come to where I can say, “I’m so happy I was born.”

Cheers To the Glory of Existence,
Gertrude of the Grateful

Sunday Prayer

gorgeousnessDear Mister Ruler of All That’s High and Mighty,

Listen, I know you’re as busy as Donald Trump’s hairstylists, but if you could carve out some time in your schedule, could you make it a point to remind me of the gorgeousness of life. Like that time I thought I would melt in the rain when we were camping, but I didn’t. Or that time I cooked a four course chef-worthy meal for my family that turned out just so. Or that time I looked up at the ceiling at the theater and gasped a breath of beauty simply because of the colors. In all honesty, it’s endless, the places I find and interact with beauty. The way my husband finds the perfect in-between hotel to stay at on our way to a big adventure. Those few moments, after I wrangle myself awake and I have the thought “It’s all very good”. The interactions I have with strangers on the street, in the grocery store, while I’m walking the dogs—how I feel deep down that I’d like to know these people. Please make it a point to allow me to open myself up enough to all of this revelrie that happens consistently and gloriously and that I find my way in my little world with elegant grace until my last dying day, okay amen you may be seated.

Yours In the Definition of Hope,
Penelope Positive

Sunday Secret

overcastWhenever the fog rolls in at the beach I say hello. Hello to its ability to turn the sky from blue to white in seconds. Hello to its beautiful thickness and determination. Hello to the way it drapes a blanket of stillness and quiet across the city with, seemingly, no effort at all in what feels like minutes.

I welcome the stillness and the quiet. It reminds me of the way my mood shifts and waivers. The way I am bright, bright, brightest in one moment and then how I slip into darkness without warning, without much hullabaloo. I just do it. I drift in and out of myself like the denseness of the crowded air that accosts the place where I live, leaving the junipers frozen.

If you ask me, there is no formula for navigating emotions. There is only the large, awesome realization that everything is wild before it changes in a second.

Yours In Unyielding Mist,
Felicia Foghorn

Sunday Secret

emotionsFrom one moment to the next, I’m hurled from absolute joy to abject poverty mind. It happens so quickly that I consider buying myself a helmet. The sky is limitless, yet in my constricted monkey mind, all I can see is an inch ahead of me. An inkling of knowledge. A smidgeon of faith. Still, I keep moving forward, with the hope of wisdom on my side and I open my arms to forthrightness and I throw myself toward truth and I wait, with a certain excited anticipation, for the moment when I might see the whole thing dripping in truth.

Yours In Constant Attempting,
Sally So What