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Things I Like More Than Anti-Vaxxers

1. Pulp the size of tree limbs in my orange juice
2. Duct tape over my eyes
3. Body surfing in a tsunami
4. Skunk filled egg rolls
5. Being forced to treat the Housewives of New Jersey in hairspray addiction

Things I Like More Than FOX News

1. Trying to outrun a vicious cheetah
2. A bad case of shingles
3. Getting rear ended by an uninsured driver
4. Scurvy Dog Pot Pie
5. Thumbtacks up my nostrils

Things I Like More Than Hobby Lobby

1. Mulch up my butt
2. Being the goalie for Brazil in the game against Germany
3. Knitting needles plunged into my pupils every morning
4. Parachuting with an “antique” parachute
5. Nails in my eardrums

Things I’d Like More Than Going To See “Ghost—The Musical”

1. Clorox enemas
2. Making out with Mitch McConnell
3. Having to start my car with my feet, like the Flinstones used to do
4. Pine needles up my nostrils
5. Being forced to wear only velvet

Things I Like More Than Greek Yogurt

1. Spackle tartar
2. Barbecued juniper needles
3. Asphalt pie
4. Stir fried nails
5. S’mores made with cotton balls instead of marshmallows