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Things That Are Easier Than Trying To Explain What the Dot Means In An Email Address To Your 83 Year-Old Mother

1. Knitting an afghan using soggy toothpicks
2. Winning the Olympic Decathlon wearing a tailored tweed suit
3. Cooking S’mores without fire and a hanger
4. Riding in a convertible with a bobby pin-less yarmulke on
5. Texting with your elbows

Things That Are Easier Than Trying To Clip Your Dog’s Nails

1. Assembling an IKEA bookcase using only cotton balls and Q-Tips
2. Slow dancing with a hummingbird
3. Getting a body massage in the middle of a violent sneeze attack
4. Using two pieces of red vine licorice as crutches
5. Playing the harp wearing down-filled mittens

Things That Are Easier Than Getting the String Back In Your Sweatpants Once It Comes Out In the Wash

1. Eating chinese food using only paper clips and thumb tacks
2. Convincing the Cialis people that having bathtubs in every commercial is working against them
3. Zip lining in an evening gown covered in velcro
4. Explaining the Theory of Relativity to a Bassett Hound
5. Untangling a pile of five hundred million iPod ear phones in the dark

Things That Are Easier Than Trying To Explain What a Twitter Feed Is To Your 83 Year Old Mother

1. Swimming the English Channel in a knee length down jacket and corduroy bell bottoms
2. Herding worms
3. Mowing the lawn with nail clippers
4. Defeating David Hasselhoff in a Drunk Burger Eating Contest
5. Riding a tricycle up Teddy Roosevelt’s right nostril on Mount Rushmore

Things That Are Easier Than Trying To Explain What a Facebook Timeline and Wall Are To Your Elderly Parent

1. Starting a Bat Cuddling business
2. Using a slingshot to catapult yourself around the dark side of the moon
3. Mincing garlic with only your eyelashes
4. Orchestrating a successful Worldwide Dewey Decimal System Revival
5. Body surfing Niagara Falls