Cooper Being Bridget Fonda in Single White Female

“Oh my god, she’s making another batch of those poisonous gluten-free muffins with the words YOU’RE DEAD written in monkey blood on them,” says the terrified actress, hiding in her shoe closet.

4 Comments on "Cooper Being Bridget Fonda in Single White Female"

  1. PJ says:

    Oh, Cooper! How I love your face. That is my husband’s look exactly if I even reach for the gluten-free pasta.

  2. Cupcake Murphy says:

    That’s my husband when I suggest watching Figure Skating. Pure terror.

  3. The Zadge says:

    Whatever happened to Bridge? I remember thinking her haircut was cute.

  4. The Farmer says:

    Anytime I need a laugh today I am looking at that pic.