Cooper Being Mata Hari

In this photo, taken from his book How To Be An Interloper, he demonstrates the advanced Neck-Stretch-Over-Chair-Arm technique that he infamously used to eavesdrop on and then overtake a gathering of distracted panko encrusted apricot pork chop, flaky dinner roll and roasted potato eaters, thereby enabling him to acquire the most gigantic and prolonged ground score of all time.

6 Comments on "Cooper Being Mata Hari"

  1. The Zadge says:

    Oh, just to spend 10 minutes in your brain!

  2. Twisted Susan says:

    Coop's ability is amaaazing and versatile!

  3. Cupcake Murphy says:

    He is cunning and agile. And he fears plastic bags.

  4. Where the Fur Flies says:

    Cooper is my hero.

  5. Meg at the Members Lounge says:

    I would have done what Cooper did for those pork chops.