Cooper Being Truman Capote

“It’s a damn shame, the dying thing darlings,” the prolific writer says. “The world would have benefitted from my unauthorized biography/horror novel about that ridiculous whore Ann Coulter.”

7 Comments on "Cooper Being Truman Capote"

  1. The Zadge says:

    Emphasis on Horror Whore.

  2. PJ says:

    Emphasis on Ridiculous.

  3. Catalyst says:

    Oh, that would have been an instant classic.

    And, you know, Cooper actually looks a bit like Tru in this photo!

  4. Ann Coulter is my second cousin on my mom’s divorced stepmom’s side, and at our last family reunion I let go of the rope while we were playing Tug-O-War and I LAUGHED SO HARD when she fell down and got grass stains on the ass of her white pants.

  5. Cupcake Murphy says:

    If you see her again give her a really bad melvin for me.