Friday Conclusion

Yesterday, I was doing a particular form of exercise in Santa Monica called The Stairs— which are comprised of six flights of 20 stairs each and people from all walks of life come from far and wide to do them but mostly the people that do them are those Angelenos who are so body obsessed that when they are exercising they have this look in their eyes that says Must Keep Running So Butt Doesn’t Sag and they run and run and run as if a pack of wild jackals is chasing them.

So as I was slowly and meticulously working on my first ascent, I overheard the following conversation between two women on their way down:

Lady #1: (really mad) Well, she says she’s off gluten but I happen to know that she ate almost all the potato chips.
Lady #2: Potatoes don’t have gluten, though.
Lady #1: (growling) But she still ate too many. SHE ATE ALMOST ALL OF THEM IF NOT ALL OF THEM. I SAW HER.

Then as I was on my descent I passed them again on their way up and their conversation had progressed (I suppose that’s what you’d call it) to another arena:

Lady #1: She said she was going to wait to tell him. She hides things from him.
Lady #2: I think he’s been out of town.
Lady #1: (hissing, wild-eyed) She doesn’t like confrontation. She says she’s going to tell him and she doesn’t. Did I tell you she said she’s vegan now? She is NOT vegan. She eats dairy.
Lady #2: Hhhhuuhmm. I think she’s easing into it.
Lady #1: (Raging, Rush Limbaugh-esque ) You don’t EASE INTO being a vegan. You either are or you aren’t AND SHE IS NOT A VEGAN. SHE ATE POTATO CHIPS. SHE ATE ALMOST ALL OF THEM. She’s a fake.  SHE ATE  CREAM CHEESE.

Wow, I thought, I wonder if the third renegade potato chip addict woman knows what a ruckus she’s causing in the lives of her two pals and I wonder if she knows her life may be in danger. Which brings me to my point and my conclusion:


Proceed With the Utmost Caution,
Sergeant Salami

2 Comments on "Friday Conclusion"

  1. The Zadge says:

    Sarge, I have been in Santa Monica once and only once, but when I was there, I RAN THOSE STAIRS! But it was back in December of 1999, before the whole damn Age of Gluten, so all the Stairers were complaining about then was the “New Millenium” and whether they would have power on January 1.

  2. Cupcake Murphy Cupcake Murphy says:

    All that Y2K hullabaloo for nuthin. The Stairs are an ass kicker. I can only walk them.