Friday Conclusion

This is more of a short play/parable but I would like to share it with you nonetheless. I would also like to say nonetheless.

Okay. Listen up. The stage is pitch black. The curtains part and a small prairie dog dressed in a tuxedo takes the stage. Under one glaring light he stands. An orchestra of chipmunks plays Nessun Dorma on violin. The prairie dog stares out into the audience, captivating them with his large brown eyes and one inch bow legs.

The strings cease and he says:

In a small village there once was a small (ish) shy mouse who worked her way up the mouse chain and became a rat.

The moral of this story:
The corporate world, although conducive to copious shoe purchases, is primarily for rodents.

The crowd ERUPTS in JOYOUS applause!


4 Comments on "Friday Conclusion"

  1. The Zadge says:

    I think this is on the short list for the Tony Award.

  2. Hulk Don't worry. I used it right... says:

    This is good. But I like plays in iambic pentameter better…

  3. Alexandra says:

    And, I would love to have seen it live.

    Thank you.

  4. PJ says:

    I wept, with grateful recognition, into my cheap generic bathroom tissue, and wiggled my toes in my roomy sneakers and loved my squirrely self for not having had the emotional fortitude nor physical energy to ever have become a rat. Else well may I have trod that verminous path unawares.