Monday Judgements and Warnings

Exsqueeze me but if you’re going to corral a haggard group of people in order to lecture them for five hundred and ninety million hours while peppering your lecture with the fucked up word “albeit” more than four hundred times FOR NO GOOD RHYME OR REASON, then may we suggest that you owe this haggard, angry group some sort of prize like, perhaps, a lifetime supply of Peppermint Patties that come with little elves to unwrap each patty or a REALLY good set of bathroom towels or simply the promise of a new bright shining day, every day because we have to tell you: YOU REVILE.

Good DAY! Sir,
Gertrude, Lead Grossed Out Group Member

3 Comments on "Monday Judgements and Warnings"

  1. I don’t even know how to say that word. And I will have you know that I did pretty damn well on the GRE vocabulary section. I know what it means, BUT WHY WOULD I EVER UTTER IT OUT LOUD??
    I do know how to say the words FO SHIZZLE FUGGERED UP GANGSTA, though.
    They just roll off the tongue.

  2. MidLyfeMama says:

    I used to work with someone who would say “…and such…” in almost every statement.