Monday Judgements and Warnings

Memo to all y’all. All y’all. I’ve always wanted to say that. All y’all. Or even just y’all. “Heyy’all” like it’s one word.


This memo to y’all is to give y’all a word up that I am going to start making a concerted and valiant effort to incorporate the following words and phrases into my vocabulary and I wanted y’all to know just so you could pick some words and phrases of y’all’s own. What I’m saying is I’m calling dibs on these words so if you want to try using new words more, just keep your grabby lizard hands off mine and I’ll keep my creepy sloth hands off yours:

1. Pell Mell
3. (upon seeing my neighbor Miriam when she’s in a paranoid rant with my husband about the loud vagabonds who live just to the north of her): RALLY THE TROOPS COMMANDER!
4. Scalawag
5. Can I have the last bite of your peppercinni?
6. Balderdash

We All Clear Then?
Wordette Wordstein

16 Comments on "Monday Judgements and Warnings"

  1. MidLyfeMama says:

    Point of order: Some of those seem to be more phrases than just words. Is the entire phrase off limits, or can I substitute another word in the phrase such as “Can I have the last bite of your paprikash?” I fear the wretched wrath of Wordette Wordstein.

  2. PJ says:

    Roger that.

  3. I call dibs on “bodaggit”, “shart”, and “homey don’t play that”.

  4. The Zadge says:

    Clear, Paula Deen.

  5. I cannot bring myself to say Y’all. Or Howdy. I’d be branded as a outsider immediately and shot as a Yankee spy.

  6. Howling robin says:

    I call dibs on “Sally forth and slay the dogs!”

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      Damn. I know how much I plan to use that phrase this summer. Oh well, it’s all yours ma’am.

  7. My grandmother (currently deceased) used to smoke filterless Pall Malls and pronounced them Pell Mells.
    All the hard candies in the bottom of her grandma handbag had a protective coating of loose tobacco.

  8. Howling Robin says:

    Cake, you can have it – west of the Mississippi only. When I was a young lass hanging out with surfer boys we invented a drink that involved Yoo Hoo, vodka and bananas as I recall. You raised your glass, shouted “Sally forth and slay the dogs!”‘ bit the banana slice off the rim of the glass and drank. Good times.