Monday Judgements and Warnings

There might be one day when you wake up and you think that it is a good idea to prance on down to your local grocery store sporting your bicycle shorts with the butt padding coupled with a pair of pumps and, although your energy decision is to be upbeat and friendly and seemingly a distraction that you are wearing bicycle pants and pumps, it won’t matter because you made the last minute decision to pair your pumps with sport socks. You see, this only frightens people and makes them doubt your sanity, as you load your coconut milk and peppered salami on the conveyor belt ready for purchase. Not only that, when you ask the check out person where you might find the Suave #8 hairspray because you’d like to purchase a case, it simply adds to your weirdness and makes us all left to our own devices wondering how on earth we should even try to maintain an ounce of eye contact with you.

Stay Away From the Cray-Cray,
Bedelia Better Safe Than Sorry

One Comment on "Monday Judgements and Warnings"

  1. In spite of the questionable bicycle shorts as a fashion decision, I do like the idea of a person making an “energy decision.”