Monday Judgements and Warnings

Not that I’m an expert on the afterlife or anything, but if you are in your car at a stop light waiting to make a right turn on a red light and a lovely mommy pushing her lovely baby in a stroller is trying to cross the street in front of you and you gun your freakishly red Mustang motor and challenge her to a game of chicken, making the lovely baby cry and the lovely mother jump out of her skin, I’m quite certain that you’re on the short list to go straight to hell where you will live your life as a legless hamster.

Assfaces Are as Assfaces Do,
Tammy Traffic Cop

3 Comments on "Monday Judgements and Warnings"

  1. PJ says:

    Cooper, I’m listening to the weather report and wondering if you double as a flotation device for your mother should she be in need of one.

    And I’m glad Greenies don’t need refrigeration.

    Stay brave.