Things I Don’t Understand, Items 914 thru 916

914. “The Cloud”
915. When people ride bikes barefoot
916. How my underwear manages to glue itself to the inside of every one of my husband’s t-shirts while it’s in the dryer

Sunday Secret

gorgeousIt’s the simple, tiny, gorgeous things that hold my life together like glue. The way the light streams in from the bedroom window in the morning, making the room seem glowy. How that print I searched for and framed hung above my writing space, paired with the pink and yellow and teal glass ornament makes me content to sit and do my work. And in the evening, when I light the candles that lend a calm, peaceful feeling—I feel glad that I spent as much time as I did in order to choose just the right ones with just the right scent.

I’ve spent my whole life becoming me. And I’ve learned, over the years, that I need a sense of beauty in my environment if I am to feel whole. Not large, expensive works of art or complicated pieces of adornment but trinkets and possessions that make me smile when I see them—reminders of my capacity to gather loveliness.

This is my life, I think. This is my creation of what appeals to my eyes, my heart. This is what keeps me feeling hopeful during times of tumult. That small collection of heart-shaped rocks I have? Those represent the gorgeousness of all the years I have lived and all the places I have gone and seen and noticed. This is my life, I think—and when I look around me I think, how beautiful.

Mushily Yours,
Connie the Collector

Saturday SlobberLove

R&CSometimes on Saturday, after a soul satisfying game of run-run-run-wrestle-soft-bitey-chase with our new little brother, we like to school him on the subtleties of posing for the camera even though we are a tad worried that he does not understand the concept of hogging the foreground.

Yours In Patience,
Tim the Tutor

What I Tell Myself

majesticMingle with awe.

Things I Like More Than the American Dentist Who Murdered Cecil the Lion

1. Having pipe cleaners plunged deep into my ears
2. World War III
3. Being forced into a “who can’t jump higher dies” contest with LeBron James
4. Extreme Nude Dating
5. Fox News