Cooper Being Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones

PeterDinkIn this pivotal scene, the younger brother makes the mistake of suggesting family therapy.

Saturday SlobberLove

attentionSometimes on Saturday, after an upsetting melee with a wasp, we like to keep within an inch of our mother at all times for the rest of the afternoon, knowing that she is our best bet for safety in case there is another hideous insect attack.

Spare a Hug?
Tony the Tender Terrier Mix

Things I Don’t Understand, Items 818 thru 820

DON'TUNDERSTAND818.Guys who act like they deserve the Heisman Trophy just because they can barbecue well
819. The Duck Dynasty people
820. That thing that happens when you’re in the produce section, picking out lettuce and you get sprayed in the face with a spritzy mist of water

Captain Wishenheimer


As the sky turns a slightly different shiny color and the evening brings in a somber breeze and, as you wake up with a chill more than a sweat, may you successfully wrangle with the feeling that Christmas will be here soon, demanding of you things you aren’t sure you’re capable of fulfilling considering the loved ones who’ve gone away to college that you’ve just bid goodbye to and taking all of this into account—what awaits you as the season just barely starts to change and your mind starts whirling—may you have a sturdy red wagon to help you with your inward and outward chores.


Saturday SlobberLove

contemplateSometimes on Saturday, after an early morning pee-pee expedition that forces our mother to take us outside at 5 AM, we like to contemplate how lucky we are to have someone like her, who is willing to stand in the pitch black wearing her bath robe, waiting for us to do our business.

Yours In Gratitude,
Theo Thankful