Saturday SlobberLove

burrowSometimes on Saturday, after our usual 7 AM jaunt down to the ocean with our father quickly turns into a freezing rain thunderstorm where we are nothing more than elderly Inuits out on an ice flow waiting to die, we feel a special sense of gratitude and warmth after being rescued, naked and drenched, by our mother who dries us off with several thousand towels and we think at one point we will never get warmth to our bones completely however after several hours of not moving under our military type burrowed tent we finally start to come back to life and we can see the joy in the future again.

God Bless Us Everyone,
Shivering Tim

3 Comments on "Saturday SlobberLove"

  1. The Zadge says:

    I love that Cooper has a total Zadge (i.e., ex-zadge-erator) side to him, what with all that Arctic/Inuit/Siberian comparisons to the Southern Californian coast.

  2. PJ says:

    It’s my hunch that Cooper feels more deeply than the average dog-person and feels more creatively and intensely the possibilities of the moment. Which ultimately is experienced as, perhaps, more surprise and more frequent gratitude.

    Or in other words, see Zadge above.

  3. MidLyfeMama says:

    I once took my Gus into the woods, in deep snow. He loved every minute of it, until he was in the car, and all of the snow that had gotten all balled up in his fur began making him colder than I think he had ever been. I am pretty sure he didn’t think he would ever be warm again. A warm bath and a giant blanket fixed that.