Saturday SlobberLove

beeyellowSometimes on Saturday, after a particularly upsetting run in with the bed post at warp speed, we like to take a little fiver and give our noggin a rest for just a bit. And during that time, we like to keep our Lucky Mister Bee near us, just in case we become disoriented or forget who the President is or what Greenies are and after some time has passed and we can confidently recite the names of all the dogs’ names with the best smelling behinds within one mile we quickly put on our Back In Action face and we dare our beloved mother to be the first one to hurl Mister Bee across the room, giving us the clear signal that not only are we back in action, we better buckle our ears up because WE ARE OFF TO THE FUCKING RACES.

A Little Collision Never Hurt Anybody,
Walter Woozy-ish

8 Comments on "Saturday SlobberLove"

  1. The Zadge says:

    I heard the NFL, in an effort to stem all the concussions their dangerous sport produces, were also going to require bed-slamming dogs to wear helmets. And stop doing ‘roids.

  2. PJ says:

    Oh, Zadge, I’m sure Coop’s muscles are organic with no added stimulants, hormones or preservatives.

    On the other hand, a helmet might be in order on some days if the stories we hear are true.

  3. I love when Cooper’s happy.