Saturday SlobberLove

burrowSometimes on Saturday, after our early morning Walk-PeePee-Doodie-Greenie-Breakfast routine that is followed by a short yet productive battle with several scurvy squirrels, we find that our bones are frozen through to our core. And when this happens we like to spend the afternoon burrowed under our favorite comforter, snoring, only to be awakened by our beloved mother calling us to supper.

Let There Be Blankets,
Bernard Burrrrrrrreenzos

4 Comments on "Saturday SlobberLove"

  1. The Zadge says:

    Might be time to pull out the Orange Fleece Armadillo.

  2. PJ says:

    There are those times when live is very sweet, indeed.

  3. midlyfemama says:

    We don’t need a thermometer to know it has gotten cold out. Poncho surfaces from his kennel when it drops below 70 degrees, and plants himself firmly in a little hollow right next to and as close to under Bob as he can get. Maybe he needs a blankie.