Saturday SlobberLove

butt scratchSometimes on Saturday, after our Dad leaves to run  errands and we do that thing we do where we imagine that he’ll never return,  we like to show our excitement for the fact that he came back by having some crazy guy snuggle butt scratch time just to let him know that it’s not possible for us to adore him more.

2 Comments on "Saturday SlobberLove"

  1. midlyfemama says:

    This is the reason that we like having dogs. No human being ever greets you with the same level of adoration and enthusiasm as a dog. Poncho had been outside when I arrived downstairs for the first time this AM. He came flying through the doggy door, then wiggledprancedbounced into my lap with all 17lbs of himself as if to say OHMYGODITSYOUICANTBELIEVEYOUAREHEREWHEREWEREYOUDONTEVERLEAVEAGAINPLEASERUBMYEARSLIKEYOUDOILOVEYOU. I pretend as if this is really annoying and oh so very ridiculous, but you know I totally love it and rub his ears just so and let him give me kisses because HE is not the poop eater in the house. *side eye at Gus who might be beautiful, but he is a POOPEATER.

  2. Cupcake Murphy says:

    Cooper went through a poop eating phase when he was younger. Thankfully this phase passed however he still inspects every poop pile he sees with his keen nostrils.