Saturday SlobberLove

onelasttrySometimes on Saturday, after our mother has been reunited with her computer for the first time in a week, we like to keep our distance just a bit while she swoons and weeps over the machine that seems to bring her such joy. And as we watch her face light up like the Empire State Building at Christmas we realize that we have that much more in common with her than we thought because when we zero in on her mile-wide smile she reminds us of our expression when we are about to devour a Greenie.

Who Says the Best Things In Life Aren’t Things?
Marvin the Materialistic Man Dog

3 Comments on "Saturday SlobberLove"

  1. PJ says:

    Daydream with me, Cooper. What if you had had the power to give or withhold the computer. Mom would have been staring at you with that same I NEED a Greenie look you get. You’d have caved just like she does. Another thing you have in common.

  2. PJ knows. YES PJ DOES!