Saturday SlobberLove

billPSometimes on Saturday, after enduring a week’s worth of oppressive temperatures that leave us feeling lethargic, we like to find just the right spot on the deck where the Santa Ana winds can catch our ears in just the right way so that we think we might go airborne and when we do this, as the warm breeze encompasses us as if we were a hot air balloon, we like to dream of all the hikes and road trips and snuggle sessions just inches from the campfire that the summer holds and as the breeze fills our nostrils and the air wafts up our perspiring hiney we have to admit that we feel most fortunate to be alive.

Carpe Diem,
Thad the Thankful Terrier Mix

3 Comments on "Saturday SlobberLove"

  1. PJ says:

    Pete the Papillon has nothing on Copper.

  2. Alex says:

    Aw, he’s enjoying that breeze so much. So sweet!

  3. Hope he keeps his campfire under control.