Saturday SlobberLove

Sometimes on Saturday, we’re not sure why, but a certain wistful melancholy sweeps over us and leaves us practically paralyzed with thoughts of fog and mist and not enough blankets and our fragile mind drifts back to that time before we were rescued—BEFORE WE WERE GIVEN THE MOST GREATEST BESTEST CHANCE IN THE WORLD—and we met the smiling, gasping, wide-eyed lady who would become our owner.

We remember this day as if it were yesterday. How we had heard whisperings that maybe it was our lucky day and we were going to get to go to a real house with a real couch to snuggle on and real people to lick. For the love of Greenies I hope it’s true, we thought. But we made sure to keep our hopes down, just in case things didn’t pan out.

We were so SMALL back then. Just four months old and all ears. Our foster mother, Reina, called us an Angel and we tried to believe that that’s what we were.

And then the day came when Our Angel walked through the door of the pet shop we’d been staying in. The moment we saw this person our tail started wagging more wildly than it ever had before and we stood up as tall and fine as we could and we looked at her straight in the eye and she looked at us and smiled the brightest, happiest smile and said HOWSA GOOD BOY? HOWSA SWEET BOY? HOWSA LITTLE ONE?

And within moments we were in her sturdy warm arms and she was kissing our snout telling us how unusually handsome we were. And she drove us across the city, where we were greeted by many screaming, gleaming people telling us how wonderfully handsome we were. It was the first time we had a parade in our honor and we felt so grand.

And we snuggled that first night and we could not believe the amount of incredibly glorious toys there were JUST FOR US and so today when a case of the blues cloaked a big black jacket around us we gathered all our toys together and we rolled around amongst them and we told ourselves inside our head WE’RE THE LUCKIEST BOY IN THE WORLD. WE’RE THE LUCKIEST BOY IN THE WORLD. WE’RE THE LUCKIEST BOY THAT EVER WAS.

Yours In Full Expression Of All Emotion,
DJ Snazzy Snazz Snazz  Sensitive

7 Comments on "Saturday SlobberLove"

  1. Catalyst says:

    Meantime, my cats have turned their backs on me.

  2. Oh, Cooper. You are the BEST.

    What a moving story yours is. You ARE one lucky boy!

  3. Don’t cry, Cooper. I’m crying for both of us.
    You are indeed a sweet, handsome, lucky persondog.

  4. PJ says:

    Lucky Boy meets Angel Lady. I love a good story with a happy ending.

  5. The Zadge says:

    Cooper is the most handsome and luckiest little boy who looks big but is really little in the whole world.

  6. MidLyfeMama says:

    Just stop it. That was so beautiful.