Searchy Searcherson

Sometimes when I’m feeling blue and sad about the fact that I heard one of the little Girl Scouts standing outside Albertsons say that she thought all of the Girl Scout cookies tasted like “crap mud” I seek the wisdom of the Super Hero Searchy Searcherson and I sit down in front of the computer and I type in usually about three words or so and then I see what the first five search results are as in the little search bar as if I am Woodward and the computer is Bernstein and we are investigating H.R. Haldeman’s haircut—-just for a gosh darn laugh, you know? Because we all need a laugh. Especially when there are Girl Scouts out there hocking products they don’t believe in.

Here are today’s Searchy Searcherson Results:

look with bangs
look with braces
look skinny
look bald
look with red hair

Is This Not Fun?
Murphy P.I.

11 Comments on "Searchy Searcherson"

  1. Graeme McRae says:

    “Hock” means give as collateral for a loan at a pawn shop. You meant “hawk”.

  2. Cupcake Murphy Cupcake Murphy says:

    But wasn’t the post fucking hilarious?

  3. Graeme McRae says:

    Oh, now I just feel like the jerk I am. Sorry. Yes, the post is fucking hilarious. I think your blog is great. I enjoy things I don’t understand a lot.

  4. PJ says:

    Laughed. And then did a few of my own including,
    “Should I…” Also, “Girl Scout Cookies taste like…”
    My procrastinating anxious self is also so grateful for an additional time suck. This has a great future.

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      It is so funny to me. I did (and wrote a post about) Fear of Bears and when I typed the “B’ in it was not bears that came up. It was like Fear of being alone. Fear of boring people or whatever. It reminds me that human beings are colorful and strange.

  5. The Zadge says:

    You would look cute bald but with red bangs.

  6. How would I look with long legs and no eyebrows?

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      No eyebrows is always a problem. Mister Cupcake is fearful he is losing his as he grows more mature.