Sunday Prayer

No matter how far off course I get, I’m always able to find my way back to myself.  I’m always able to regain my bearings and make my way back up or out or from the village that contains my own personal highway marauders.

And each time I am able to do this, each time I am able to throw myself a life jacket or enthrall myself with a small, yet powerful production of You’re Fine! or  just have a couple extra hundred cups of tea until I feel myself warmed up and safe inside—each time I am able to lead myself back to where I was going—I feel a bit less lost-er and I tell myself there is no way, ever, it will NOT be OK and I lift up a prayer that I never lose this quality of steadfast loyalty to myself and that others who feel this way will never stop their own sturdy scary wanderings and I feel such an intense sense of open hopefulness that I am absolutely convinced that all of this is exactly as it’s meant to be.

See You ‘Round the Cul-De-Sac,
Trini the Terrified Explorer

6 Comments on "Sunday Prayer"

  1. PJ says:

    Yes. This brought tears to my eyes, a bit of an ache to my heart, and most importantly courage . So many of us making this interior trek. So much courage and faith. I staged a little production of “I’m Fine” between 9 and 9:30 AM today. And I am.

  2. I try to be brave for a little while longer than the last time I was brave.

  3. MidLyfeMama says:

    Each day is another celebration of “Well, yesterday didn’t kill me. Onward HOOOO.” It is good you find your way back. We would send out a search party if not though. Just so you know.