Sunday Prayer

Dear God,

Hey listen, I know you’re about as frazzled as a sexy kitty who’s lost the tail of her sexy kitty costume on Halloween but could you throw a little love my way in the form of a BIG FAT REMINDER?

Remind me that my instinct to search for and find a high up view where I can get my bearings is a good instinct to have. Remind me that when I’m in the thick of whatever old, crinkly pattern I’ve blindly stumbled through for five thousand stupid years, there is bright blue sky just yards above me — and that bright blue sky never goes anywhere, ever.

Please remind me of this, for as long as is possible.

Remind me that, the trees may be obscured and the road may be…WHERE DID THE ROAD GO?!…and the lost feeling may be overwhelming but it is during these times—when I feel blind and confused and over it—-that new grooves are forming in my brain and those grooves are fresh and true and lovely so if I tell myself for one half second that I don’t have what it takes to stay true to myself on my Never Be Like Honey Boo Boo Journey you’ll nudge me and say OH YES YOU DO NOW MISSUS WARRIOR, YES YOU DO okay thanks a bunch I totally appreciate it you may be seated, Amen.

Eyes Nose Feet Face Chin: Forward,
Deirdre of the Determined

3 Comments on "Sunday Prayer"

  1. If I were God? I’d give you whatever you ask for. Because you ask so dang beautifully.

  2. Catalyst says:

    Direct. To the point. If there is a god, I’m sure he got the message.