Sunday Prayer


Dear Magical Elf Fairy,

Hey listen you adorable little stinker, I know you’re about as busy as a poodle in a rhinestone collar store, but could you put it on your docket to continue to be my special Guardian Fairy, making sure to swoop in and sprinkle your magical fairy dust over situations that involve me explaining why I think Jack Black is annoying? This would be ever so special you teeny tiny spark plug. And don’t think I don’t appreciate you, you little mensch. The way you crouch on various round ornaments with your pointy little hat on. It’s like you’re the manifestation of cute, with your odd transfixing shoe-boots. Anyway I know you have gifts to wrap and ribbons to curl but I just wanted to give you a bing-bang Shout Out, my man, and tell you that I think you’re the bomb. p.s. don’t forget to flutter your mystical wings over any situation that involves me and any stray boogers that may be hanging out of my nose. Thanks Bro, you’re the best and yeah yeah yeah I know Christ is born in Bethlehem.

Peace Out,
The Eager Asker

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