Sunday Prayer

birdsDear Almighty,

Listen, I know you’re the busiest bee in the hive—turning leaves and creating that crisp feeling in the air while at the same time ensuring we all remember that if you can’t make the perfect gravy it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person—but I just wanted to put a bug in your ear about making sure that, as the seasons change from relatively light to overwhelmingly heavy-ish, that you remind each and every one of us that we could all take flight and capture the view from above, looking down on our troubles and when we do this could you follow-up a bit and whisper into our ears that that view from above is no accident. That the high up, unencumbered by the past perspective gives us the ultimate view, allowing us to catch some air and breathe in some oxygen that fills us up from our feet into our chest and eventually our heart. I know you’re busy but there are a boatload of us down here trying to make our way and any kind of guidance or kick in the pants you could muster would be greatly appreciated, okay that’s it thanks so much, amen you may be seated.

Yep I Think We Can Do This,
Captain Ronnie Rah-Rah
Encouragement Division
Life Can Be a Ball Buster Team

2 Comments on "Sunday Prayer"

  1. PJ says:

    This photo filled my heart. And the text made it spill over.

    This spun me into one of my not infrequent reveries of fish and birds, birds and fish. I can meditate on the juxtaposition of these two creatures for minutes at a time.