Sunday Prayer

icecreamDear Master of the Universe and what not,

I know you’re overwhelmed with prayers for weight loss from every Tom, Dick and Harriet but if you could find it in your schedule to squeeze in a couple New Year’s wishes from me I’d be incredibly thankful. You see, this year I’d like to request delightful breezes as opposed to large gusts of wind that knock me on my ass and I’d be ever so grateful for endless cups of perfect tea that fill me with a sense of warmth and belonging as I try to make my way along this crunchy little path I’ve chosen for myself. And while you’re at it can you arrange for every single last bone and limb and smile that belong to my loved ones to be kept perfectly safe and unharmed? That would be grand, as would your everlasting guidance when it comes to the new remote that entered my homestead recently and the upsurge in moths that seem to be into practicing swarm routines in my living room. And speaking of patience and bravery, could you extend extra servings of those to me?—along with a steadfast devotion to my own clunky heart that I know will benefit from any sort of lucky balm you have to massage it with. But just say you’re too busy and you can’t find time to fulfill all of my 2014 wishes, could you just make sure that I am able to open up to the world more as opposed to closing down because of it. I know it’s a lot to ask but I promise if I am able to continue to expand instead of contract I’ll do my best to make the planet a better place, thank you for your time you may be seated amen.

It Never Hurts To Ask,
Ramona the Rigorous Requester

5 Comments on "Sunday Prayer"

  1. PJ says:

    No, it never hurts to ask. Expanding makes it a lot easier to breath so you were probably pretty on target to get that one in. Good luck with that.

  2. PJ says:

    Here’s an e. Put it wherever it makes your breath easier to breathe.

  3. midlyfemama says:

    The deep freeze we have entered into here in the North Eastern part of the world has done in the winter moths. But prior to that, WHAT WAS WITH ALL THE WINTER MOTHS???

    Just read an interesting thing about moths and flapping around light. The book is a kids book, and was supposedly going to answer the age old question of why moths fly toward lights. It didn’t really do that. What it did tell me is that if a moth can see a light evenly with both eyes, it will fly in a straight line at the light. If the light hits the eyes unevenly, more light in the right than the left for example, the moth will fly in a circle to get more light into the left eye. Because this is much like trying to cut just enough off one leg of a table to make the table not wobble, which just leads to cutting more off of another leg and so on, the moth ends up flying in circles constantly, in an attempt to get an even amount of light in both eyes.

    My take aways: Moths are stupid. Also, in order to fly straight and achieve our purposes in life, perhaps keeping our eyes evenly on the target, not looking all side eye at it, getting distracted by this that and the other thing, will help us get there with more swiftness and with less flapping about. It is a lofty goal.