Sunday Prayer

farviewDear Boss Man,

I know your rolodex is stuffed fuller than my email inbox with Groupons but if you could find it in your schedy to make a little note to remind me of the following:

Some days I am able to see an inch in front of me and some days I am capable of spanning the frontier in front of me as if I were the space shuttle. Who knows what mechanism enables my brain to do either but if I were to be perfectly honest I prefer the expansive, wide open, heart filled view. The one where I can see far past my own stilted idiosyncrasies and I, for a half a second or for half a week, can picture the whole of it all. How we’re all connected and we’re all removed in our own painful ways. How we make our way through the landscape, handicapped and blessed.

Could you plant a seed in my brain? Could you embellish my days with the reminder that there is never anything that does not include the rest of it all? For that I’d be so very grateful then gracias amiga and furthermore thank you for your efforts you may be seated amen.

Yes, Please and Thank You,
Nellie of the Ninnies

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