Sunday Prayer

vibrantDear Mister Big Man,

I know you are especially busy this time of year, what with all the wayward humans giving thanks and hoping for moist turkey, but if you could fit me into your schedy I’d be oh so thankful. If you could pinch my cheek ever so lightly and remind me of my vibrancy—JUST BECAUSE I AM ME—that’d be lovely. And if you could pick me up, gently, from the tops of my ears and whisper into my brain that YES everything is good enough that would be sublime. But mostly, and not lastly, could you beckon my heart to open and expand in a way that keeps me moving forward and letting each and every one/thing in? I know it’s a tall order but I think it’s what I want Amen and A-Ha you may be seated.

Yours In Semi-Impossible Striving,
Harriet Holiday

4 Comments on "Sunday Prayer"

  1. PJ says:

    a tear in my eye

  2. Catalyst says:

    You are wonderful indeed but you don’t really have to worship me that way.