Sunday Secret

The way I’ve pieced myself together is that I’ve never let my gaze drift too far from the kind of beauty that grounds and anchors.  As I’ve unraveled and fallen apart and then set about rearranging all the misplaced parts of myself into a window that I might look through I’ve had this whisper that comes from over my shoulder that tells me to make time for things that are 100% full of gorgeousness and wonder and then that way, when I have momentarily lost my way completely, at least I can look up and out at something stunning and then try to remind myself that every last bit of it is, somehow, a reflection of me.

Say Awe,
Doctor Dazzlestein

4 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. PJ says:

    *standing in honor with my hand over my heart*

  2. You always make me feel better.