Sunday Secret

Here is the time you found the perfect road to skateboard all the way back into that sweet town we passed on our way to the cabin.

Here is the time that you crouched down for miles, while Cooper and I followed you down that forever incline and we watched you glide along until we thought maybe we’ll just travel this way forever.

Here is the time you would wave your hand every couple minutes or so as if to say Here I Am Here I Am, I Won’t Lose You. And Cooper cried and whined and got so upset. I supposed he didn’t believe you, you know how he can be with his constant desire for all of us to always be within two feet of each other.

Here is the time I remember thinking that your way of living life has bumped up against mine for ten years now and in those ten years I feel it in my bones how we’ve changed and grown and struggled.

Here is the time I slowly stayed in your wake as you tripped along your velvet path, squeezing all the fun there was to have for that moment on that day and I felt so lucky to have you to follow. I feel so lucky for the times you follow me.

Remind Me, In the Morning, To Make Sure To Tell You This,
Director of Ultimate Sap

11 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. MidLyfeMama says:

    This was lovely to wake up to. Here is to another million billion trillion more years together.

  2. The Farmer says:

    Wow. And here I am all pissed off at my husband for not rolling up the plastic bag inside the box of Cheezits and closing the top. Again.

    I mean, how hard IS that??

  3. Roy has that same crazy desire.
    And I love your sap, Sue.

  4. PJ says:

    What joy it must have been to be him and feel like he was flying for miles and miles. How wonderful to have been you and watch your man soar and know his heart was soaring, too. And oh shut up, Cooper. You’ll get your full pack back at the bottom of the hill. Give it a rest.

  5. OMIGOD! That is loverly, Cupcake!