Sunday Secret

prettythingsDon’t tell another living soul this but my compulsion to carve out little shrines of beauty is more mysterious than predictable to me.  Mysterious because I wouldn’t have predicted that there is an invisible battery inside me that will never run out of energy to create what I see as beautiful spaces outside myself specifically to ease the tumult that can pound against my heart. In the middle of my chest.  In the back of my neck.  In the center of my stomach. At the base of my spine.

Predictable because I would have guessed that I, as soon as I had my own spaces to construct, would make those spaces everything other than what I knew early on. I chose order not chaos and discreet small glimmering instead of bright stark light. Surrounding myself with lights has never failed to ease my darkness. Dressing my immediate environment with things that remind me how gorgeous and simple it all can be has always softened my hardness.

Yours In All There Is To Make Just So,
Queen Glenda of the Glowborgs

8 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. Dear Queen Glenda,

    This little essay is a deeply glimmering gem, Cupcake, a written shrine to your other shrines.

    Long live that invisible battery!

  2. I love creating vignettes of beauty around my house. That has been a challenge the last few months, but I think I’ve succeeded on making some peaceful spots in the chaos. Glad you are a fellow creator!

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      You’ll make it all Meg-ish in your new space—-you just need time to scout out where you’ll sprinkle your modness.

  3. PJ says:

    When I was a young adult a met a friend who had little unobtrusive bits of sparkle through out her life. A bit of sparkle on her purse, on her sun visor in the car, around her room. I was enchanted. It was the first time someone around me had said it was okay to love sparkles.

    I am drawn to bits of sparkle like a moth to a flame.

    And do I smell gardenias?

  4. I am fortunate to have a wife with a talent for creating beautiful spaces in our home and our life. (First wife? Ehhhhh. Not so much.)