Sunday Secret

light shine thruI would never admit this but of the many gazillion things, places, books, poems, people and trees that have assisted me in keeping my wits safely in my noggin, The Clouds and Sky are right up there on my list of almighty preciousness.  The way they interact and mingle, without taking anything personally.  The way the sun allows the clouds their pervasive nature, still maintaining its blinding presence.

I think they are the perfect couple. The way they just let the other be.

Forever since I can remember I’ve always made it my business to know what The Clouds and Sky are up to. What do they have on their agenda for this evening, I think, hoping for a brilliantly mysterious choreographed show.

The sun goes away and the clouds pass over. The clouds whistle and dance across the sky and my heart pumps out the lyrics of whatever it is they are saying. The two of them together raising some sort of hopeful ruckus, reminding me, pursuing me to remember, urging me beyond all reason to know that there are a thousand ways to be covered in your mother’s arms.

Yours In Reading Into Things,
El Grande Sapita

8 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. PJ says:

    How am I supposed to make some witty irreverent comment after all that exalted poetry and beautiful philosophical pondering?

  2. Hilary says:

    I give up, I can’t think of one thing to say to that.

  3. Beautifully put, Cupcake. Yes: somehow, that magnificent Sky Show has always kept me grounded.

  4. MidLyfeMama says:

    Why does it seem that more than ever, clouds have been putting on super spectacular shows lately? I don’t remember epic clouds from my childhood like I have been seeing the last few years. Maybe I am just looking up and breathing more.

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      I try to put those two items on my To-Do list every day. Look up. Breathe more. No wonder we get along.

  5. PJ says:

    Nice horizon line and composition. Really nice.