Sunday Secret

PurpleCloverHave you ever wondered what’s going on with your saggy butt as you age?  Me too!  We have so much in common.  As a matter of fact, I’ve wondered so much about my saggy butt and my sweaty forehead and my sun spotted skin that I wrote an article for my new favorite website Purple Clover called Aging Is a Stupid Idiot.

Not that I’m in a war with aging. It’s more like an ongoing one-sided battle that involves fans and creams with the word “fight” in them. Nevertheless, I go onward, cursing the way my hands remind me of my dead grandfather’s. But in a good way. Sort of.

Yours In Moisturizer,
Lucy Lancome

8 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. Alex says:

    Congrats on your article on Purple Clover. Are you going to have a regular column?

    • Cupcake Murphy Cupcake Murphy says:

      I’m going to be contributing at least two articles a month. Love the site and the whole vibe.

  2. PJ says:

    I am so happy to hear you will have access to a wider readership. Congratulations.

  3. June Gardens says:

    Dude, I didn’t even know that was YOU and I left a comment on that story! Isn’t that ridiculous??? Oh, it was funny. You the funny.

  4. Cupcake Murphy Cupcake Murphy says:

    WOWZERS. That is UNCANNY. (I just wanted to say uncanny) But seriously—that is amazing. By the way, there are some mean ladies after me in those comments there. They’re like wolverines for hell sake.

  5. I love your stories on Purple Clover, and I’m so glad to know you’re going to be a regular contributor there. Congratulations, Cupcake, on this excellent new gig!