Sunday Secret

coupleThe thing about marriage is that it gives you so many opportunities to reveal your Love Champion abilities while also presenting unending occasions to make you look like the ass you truly are. Kind of like a carnival of unexplored issues wrought with impossible, yet nauseating yet fulfilling games.

I never thought I’d get married. What with the magnificent dysfunction of my upbringing combined with my deep desire for All Alone Time All the Time, I just never thought I’d take the plunge. But when I did—when I did decide that a life without Mister Cupcake would be a life without big adventure—I threw myself into the partnership with ALL of my internal organs, not only my heart.

And along the way I’ve uncovered the creepiest, dumbest, bravest, most selfish, greatest, snittiest, wisest, most wounded and determined parts of myself. Is that not worth the price of admission? By my calculations, the self-awareness alone has given me my return on investment—times ninety gazillion.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think on our partnership and secretly congratulate the two of us for navigating terrain that we were totally ill equipped and unprepared for and when I do this—whether or not I’m loving or loathing him or me—I can hear my grandfather calling the whole of all marriage a wild and hopeless crap shoot and this never fails to trigger a little voice inside of me that says MY DEAR, YOU ARE BECOMING A FINE DAMN MARKSWOMAN.

When In Doubt-Aim With Your Heart,
Marylou Matrimony

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  1. claudia w says:


  2. PJ says:

    You have given me deep respect and awe for cupcakes. The next time I am about to chomp into one I shall hold it lovingly and respectfully to my ear and listen long and quietly to its wisdom. Then I will eat it as though it were a communion wafer and I was taking into my very self such wisdom.

  3. I’ll bet Captain Cupcake likes this post!

  4. So sweet and sincere. (I agree!)

  5. Long live Mr. and Mrs. Cupcake!

  6. so wise and sweet and tender