Sunday Secret

stairwayIt’s difficult to explain but if I could explain it to you I would tell you that I’ve wandered into my own life and made it my own. Each step and route I’ve taken, mapless, has happened as a result of a warm feeling in my heart, a pit in my stomach, a full sky feeling in my body. It’s all occurred, for the most part, while I am meandering and wondering and worrying.

The paths I’ve chosen have mostly been dictated by the sense I get in the center of my chest.

Should I go this way is often answered by the trembling I have in my knees. Should I go that way has often been decided because I have a quicksand feeling in my head. None of it makes sense but all of it does.

Through most of my journey I’ve chosen to take the path that leads up. Maybe because that’s where I think I’ll find more awareness, more sunlight, more truth. But mostly, I’ve tended to follow the instinct that tells me that, as long as I keep walking toward the place that doesn’t sell myself out or ignore the thing in me that knows what will keep me safe and thriving—and as long as I do this I know that no matter what happens I’ll continue to move closer to that unencumbered high up view that shows me my vast pure perspective.

Look I Can See My Self From Here,
Alicia Altitude

8 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. Hilary says:

    You give me hope Alicia Altitude, and I need some bad.

  2. PJ says:

    Thanks, Alicia. Beautiful. I stay aware for a spacious feeling inside my head that indicates integrity. And strangely, sometimes it is felt as a pain at its entry point, until I am brave enough to step into it. And the pain becomes memory rather than presentness.

  3. Onward and upward, even though your initials (AA) worry me a bit.

  4. PJ says:

    I’m back again today. Just to look at that picture one more time.