Sunday Secret

peacefulI want to be near the safe part. The place by the fire where the embers aren’t blowing. The seat at the party where the sweet conversation is flowing. I want to be up on the bluff, looking down at the ocean. That peaceful section of the trail where I can hear my heart beat. I want to drown myself in simple tasks.

In the early morning, when it seems the whole world is still sleeping, I want to take my arms and bring that peacefulness into me and then I want to converse with silence. Alone and tempered, I want to make my way through my day following my own slow cadence, following my own deliberate metronome of calm.

A Dude Can Wish,
Henrietta Hopeful

7 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. Hilary says:

    You’ve hit on my hopes exactly.

  2. MmmHMMMM.

    And I also want to be near those clovey-fragrant stock flowers. To take the scent into my nose!

  3. claudia w says:

    I lurve the scent of those flowers. I need some now!
    You spoke my thoughts beautifully. I couldn’t have done that as well.

  4. midlyfemama says:

    I don’t know these flowers. They smell clovey? I want some. And that peace stuff too.

  5. I love a good sunrise on my own terms. Nothing could be more rewarding.