Sunday Secret

vibrantI try so hard to be the vibrant me. The me who goes with the flow, smiling and docile. The me who lets go regularly, almost instinctually, never minding what others think. Focused, free, unencumbered is how I am in those moments when I allow myself to be cemented in everything that is not a reflection of who I am.

Hard work, this being vibrant and whole. Hard work, this being un-enmeshed from all that crowds my lovely over-active brain of who is what and she said that and I think this and he believes that.

But when I slip into that sweet spot of allowing it all to fall away I see the colorful sweetness of separate and I know that vibrant shadow that I have, just waiting to catch up with who I am, is meandering in the background waiting to be of assistance. Waiting to show me who I really am.

Life’s a Goof,
Tatiana Truly

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