Sunday Secret

tableIt’s always been the small, gorgeous, simple things that have acted as the foundation for my unsteadiness. The way I set the table, with the exactly perfect vase to hold my favorite flowers in all their glory. Or the way I arrange the books I intend to read, stacked in order, in the cubby next to my bedside. And how many times have I changed the rug that I stand on while doing the dishes, trying to find the right combination of colors that fits the whole mood of where I cook and clean?

The point might be that, in the background of the issues that hold my energy in the foreground of my life, I like to make things pleasing to my eye and eventually to my soul. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds. It’s actually quite formulaic because it involves sitting and thinking and searching for those precious pieces that will surround me to offset whatever it is that feels tumultuous in my life.

The cabinet with the buddha statues eases the anxiety that I feel when I contemplate taking on new, big things. The chairs on the deck with the fluffy, bright orange cushions comfort that part of me that mulls over thoughts that should only be thought of once and the way that I take my time in opening each blind in the house in the morning so that I get that feeling of calm, true reflection—that is all part of my big plan. To keep myself grounded. To keep myself motivated amidst the ongoing confusion.

Your In the Magnificent Grandeur of All the Teensy Things,
Prudence Placement

2 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. Mary says:

    I like this.

  2. PJ says:

    Lovely. And understood.