Sunday Secret

TheMoonWhen the moon does one of her magical risings, there’s a part of me that falls away and relaxes. The way she shines like a show off and at the same time telegraphs comfort to anyone that takes a moment to raise their neck and take some time to look at her.

After all these years I think I’ve finally figured out what draws me to the showcase.

She ebbs and wanes. She shocks and amazes. She hides and cowers on nights when there is an oppressive cloud cover. Basically, she is at the mercy of the elements around her and, as I stumble-crawl-walk along the path I’ve found myself on, I’ve discovered that that is the essence of my journey.

I’m shining the same all the time, it’s just that there are so many millions of things and feelings and situations that dim the brilliance of my purpose. I rise every day, though and I do my best to spread light every night. It’s just that the darkness of the sky gets in the way and periodically skews my focus.

Yours In Obstinate Glistening,
Gloria Glowing

One Comment on "Sunday Secret"

  1. Mary says:

    WOW! This spoke to me.