Sunday Secret

shineI’ve been so dull at times, it feels impossible to remember what it’s like to consistently shine. During those periods when I feel like I’m underwater, I can only half grasp on to that all-encompassing sparkle that happens when I am just so with my own rhythm, my own soul.

But the memory of the vibrance keeps me going.

It was not long ago that I felt sated and warm and comfortable, I think, as I grapple with the unsteadiness that keeps me antsy and off-center and wild. It wasn’t but several months ago when I sat in a chair and felt warm.

And so the whole of my little journey here is to get back to that settled place that I remember. Whether it’s conjuring the memory up in my restless mind or reconstructing the experience from whatever dulled pieces I can find that make up that distant way of being, that place that found me content with things just as they are—I’m forever diving into the depths again until I once more find myself relaxing with how things really are.

Don’t Hate Me Because I Ponder,
Rita the Ruminator

3 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. I can still see you sparkling, Cupcake.

  2. Dear Cupcake Rita, we could never hate you.

  3. Oh Rita, take it from one who is always in and out of her comfort zone in a place called TexASS.