Sunday Secret

momentThe trick for me, then, is to stay in the moment. To hear and see and feel what is happening in the right now, without embellishing the whole mess with my wicked storyline—without my twisted and tainted view.

Were I observing life from a wide and spacious view, I would open my heart in the same capacity and—with that—I would take in just as much opportunity and wonder.

But things don’t always turn out that way and things don’t always reflect my intent—to be here, unencumbered and now. And so I trudge on, mostly untainted by my own thoughts and horror stories about what might happen in the future and what has occurred in the past and grasp and cling and hope for that moment when I am just me, now, in the moment, without anything or anyone to derail or distort me.

Yours In Dreaming Being,
Beulah Better

3 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. Catalyst says:

    I don’t know how you could become better. You’re already the best!

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