Sunday Secret

sunsetA little bit of my heart goes with each sunset that I witness. Whether its the extreme quiet that blankets the air around me or its the overwhelming stillness that scoops me up and pushes up against my need for movement—I don’t know what it is—but when the sun makes her slow exit, I feel a sort of melancholy combined with joy.

It’s another day that’s passed and I made it through with eyes and spirit open. Or at least I tried. It’s another day that has seen all there is to see, from grief to anguish to hippy hoppy happy to sublime peace.

There she goes and part of me goes with her, like I’m somehow trying to make it my business to add my input to the ending of daylight and release my sorrows into the night.

Yours In Hoping Most Of It Comes True,
Susie Sundowner

One Comment on "Sunday Secret"

  1. PJ says:

    How nice to release one’s sorrows with the setting of the sun. I have always loved the night and darkness. It is often a palpable comfort to me.