Sunday Secret

Please don’t tell anyone this but I’ve figured it all out recently and I have finally put together the puzzle of Being Whole and I am 100% certain that each and every person and experience and thing that I’ve drawn into my circle reflects some part of myself that needs to be grappled with, negotiated with, appreciated, told to go, embraced, questioned or interviewed and now that I understand this I realize: I have some mighty fine work to do.

Yours In Alrighty Then,
Lieutenant Let It Go

8 Comments on "Sunday Secret"

  1. The Farmer says:

    I need to figure it all out too. Can we switch bodies for a week? Could be fun. I do wonder if A and E would notice.

    Cupcake, is that your front yard??? Seriously, is that your front yard??

  2. PJ says:

    And such a beautiful beautiful world you have to do it in, too. I appreciate your Buddhist self.

  3. Ah,yes, so much to grapple with.
    Love your view.

  4. Howling Robin says:

    Well, alrighty then. My thoughts exactly. I’m already fabulous, but future me will blow your mind. I know, right?

    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      Yes because you’ll shed that friend who bullies you or sends you infrequent insults via email and you’ll realize: Friends don’t do that. And then your Intrinsic Fab will multiply by 5 million. Because you ARE fab.

      • The Farmer says:

        As long as she doesn’t shed the friend that sends her infrequent pictures of her scabs via email. Because that friend is fab.

        • Cupcake Murphy says:

          Isn’t that in the Friendship Promise Thing List? — look at scabs via email.