Sunday Secret

CrookedSky It’s only taken me five decades but I think I’ve finally mastered the art of knowing there’s not much to master. I suppose I could claim the title of Best Person To Remind You There’s a Full Moon or Champion of Nervousness but, overall, I find that true glory resides in not striving to be anything other than who I am. On a good day, I glide here and there, leaning into all of it, regardless. On a bad day, I snivel and scrunch and fret about everything that seems off kilter. My shiny reward is when I let go enough to stop worrying about the distorted unevenness and I tilt my head a bit to take in the pretty, crooked view.

Analytically Yours,

Thelma the Thinker

One Comment on "Sunday Secret"

  1. That’s perfect Thelma….and just what I needed to hear today. As usual, you nailed it.