Sunday Secret: The Next Big Thing

NextBigThingEven though I am not a bunny, the talented, eloquent, daring with words, sweet Jennifer Bullis  invited me to participate in a spread-the-word, momentum-creating doohicky called Blog Hop:  The Next Big Thing.  Please fasten your seatbelts.

I am going to answer a series of questions about my writing and then I am going to memorialize in gold another blogger who is going to carry on the torch until she reaches her zenith—I think this is called “tagging” but I cannot be certain.  I am a complete fool when it comes to anything meme-ey or tag-ey or seersucker-ey or rifle-ey.  Quite frankly, I rarely fit in but I digress.

Please do not let my witty banter fool you or make you hate me. I banter wittily when I get excited or motivated or just overall in love with the way the world works—and the fact that Jennifer (a brilliant poet) asked me to answer anything makes me feel special.  Okey dokey, here is the Interview portion for this evening. You absolutely MUST (no exceptions) read the questions like that guy on the bridge in Monty Python that asked WHAT! is your favorite color. I will be able to see you while you are reading this so please abide by this rule.

1. WHAT! is the title of your book and where did the idea of your book come from?
It’s a poetry book called Underway, Looking Aft and I got the idea from a photograph that my dad had of the ship his oldest brother died on in the war. On the back of the photo my grandmother (who I never met) had written Underway—looking aft and from the moment I saw her writing I knew I wanted to do something with those words. I used the photo for the front cover of the book and the book itself is a compilation of poems and prose that involve me looking backward to now and just beaming with the fact that I’ve come quite far.

2. HOW! long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
I think a manuscript of poems is different than a manuscript of a novel. Poems are little novels or short stories within themselves but the process of writing a poem can be unbearable (more unbearable than other writing!) because writing a poem either bursts forth or slithers out and either way it’s a painful thing because it is like bone against muscle. Poems are bare and poets pay a price for that. I know I sound all dramatic but it’s true! Writing poems is like trying to describe where your breath is in your body at any given time. For Underway—Looking Aft, I had hundreds of poems that I spent about six months cleaning and polishing and shining. But they’re still not done, haha!

3. WHAT! books would you compare yours to in your own genre?
I don’t know, um, anything by David Hasselhoff? Just kidding. I think my poetry is dark on many levels but you know I’m only saying that because it’s about pain and waking up. So if that’s dark then I can live with that. Sharon Olds has this way about writing about child abuse and abject depression that is just gorgeous to me. I live for that kind of writing so that is what I try to write. Something—one sentence or phrase or word that will make someone feel less alone or weird or lost.

4. WHAT! is a one-sentence synopsis of your book?
A big beautiful ugly mess describing what it’s like to remember that you know.

5. DO! you have a publisher or will you self-publish your book or seek representation?
My publisher is Cauliay Publishing in Scotland.

6. WHAT! else about your book might pique readers’ interest?
It will make them feel like less of a loser if they have ever felt like one. It is NOT nautical so if someone buys my book looking for the cure for scurvy or seasickness they’ll be bummed out. In all sincerity, my book is a small, sliver moon shaped piece of my heart that might offer lightness —the kind of lightness that will last forever.

7. WHAT! actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie or to read your work for a recording?
I think I’d choose Sojourner Truth if she were still alive. She’d give my book the reading of a lifetime. JUST ANYONE OTHER THAN PAULY SHORE OR THE OLSON TWINS.

I love writing and I loved doing this. I feel honored that Jennifer wanted my answers. Isn’t it the best? Someone has questions for you. They want to hear what you have to say. Heaven.

Now I’m lobbing The Next Big Thing to one of my favorite humans on earth. She lives in Colorado and my nickname for her is The Mayor of Everything. Her blog is Blue Skies and Yellow Dogs and you can call her The Zadge.
Then there’s astounding Meg—my next lobette. Her blog is The Members Lounge which really IS Meg, a suburban Dallas blogger, who just moved from Boston and hopes her sarcasm and f-bombs make sense in the Lone Star State. She hates to say it, but booze, not Jesus, is her Savior.

Over and Out Sweet Tulips,

11 Comments on "Sunday Secret: The Next Big Thing"

  1. Hilary says:

    You are the best.

  2. Cupcake, YOU! are the wittiest banterer. Thank you so much for doing this Blog Hop interview about your beautiful book of poems!

    I’m especially fascinated to learn the story behind your cover photo and title–thanks for those details.


    • Cupcake Murphy says:

      Thank you Jennifer. I have another photo of my dad’s mother and it’s her standing on a hill of snow and she’s written in pencil “Me and 12 ft. of snow” I’ve always thought that’s be a good book title too.


  4. I am beyond honored you picked me to be part of the blog hop. Not sure if I ever told you I have a copy Underway, Looking Aft in my special reading spot. It makes me smile every time I pick it up. I shall work on my post for later this week!

  5. You DID tag those crazy bitches. And I say bitches in the nicest way possible, like if I were to text them I would say, I love you, you crazy bitch! You are my special bitch! You rock!
    And Cupcake, you ARE the Next Big Thing.
    Thank you for pulling me out of a day of tears and hopelessness.

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